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Nitecore UM4 - 4 Slot Charger (Lader)
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The Nitecore UM4 USB Charger, it is capable of charging up to 1500mAh on one slot and 3000mA on two slots (1500 + 1500 mAh) it is used thanks to a Micro-USB input port, the charger accepts different sources of power supply wall charger, PowerBank, a solar panel. The charger's charging speed will depend on the source to which it is connected.Input
Nitecore- UM2 Charger
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NITECORE is launching its brand-new UM2, which is a QC input available intelligent USB dual-slot charger with a total max output of 3,000 mA and a single slot max output of 1,500 mA and is capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously and controlling each slot independently. It only takes 2 hours to charge 80% of a 3,500mAh battery. Note:The pictures and the video is for example!
Nitecore - F4 Flexible Battery Charger & Power Bank 2in1
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As a new member of the Flexible Power Bank Series, the F4 features more intelligence, compatibility and efficiency, as well as being inherited the charging, discharging functions and excellent portability.  2-in-1 Battery Charger + Power Bank by Nitecore Note:The pictures and the video is for example!
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